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Model: 6483
M-Triangel (MT-102) LCD Laminating Machine Bubble Remover MachineModel Number: MT-102Condition: NewWork efficiency:: 50 pcs/hourHeating mode: constant heatingSuitable for use: Smart phone within 7 inchVoltage power: 220v/110v 800WNet/Gross Weight:: 56.5kg/70kgEquip..
Ex Tax:₹56,000.00
Model: 4216
M-Triangel LCD Separator Machine (CP-201A)Package Content*1x Touch Separator Machine1x Rubber Pad1x Power Cable..
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Model: 7419
Digital Display LCD Touch Screen Glass Panel Repair Machine As Screen Separator For China Mobile And Iphone ReparingProduct Features1. Auto heating metal plate, maximum temperature is 400 centigrade2. Safety power system inside, a..
Ex Tax:₹4,000.00
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