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Model: 0147
SUNSHINE DT-17N Multimeter Fully Automatic High Precision Digital Display AC DC Voltage and Current Resistance Measurement1. Automatic identification of gear position, no need to adjust gear position2. Temperature measurement method(0-1000 ℃)3. Temperature of liquid and solid4. Automatic horizontal ..
Model: 0369
Latest multimeter SUNSHINE DT-19N mini smart multimeter range mobile phone repair dedicated  Package Contents:1 * Sunshine DT-19N MultiMeter with Red + Black Wire and 2 pcs AAA Battery Only the above package content, other products are not included...
Model: 2142
SUNSHINE DT-20N Multimeter Digital Touch Screen AC DC Voltage Tester Current Resistance Measuremet Tools With Wire Pen CableSUNSHINE DT-20N Touch Multimeter  > Full touch screen control, opening multimeter touch era > Mini body,t..
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